Setting static IP on Ubiquiti switch needs restart?

Hello everyone,
just a short question as I couldn’t find that info on the web:

We are using these switches in our infrastructure: US-16-XG and US-48-G1

Their IP is currently leased from a DHCP server and I want them to be static so I will change them via the Unify web interface.

Will these devices restart or reset configurations in a way that my network traffic is being disconnected for a certain time or does it not affect switching at all and is just being changed silently?

I just don’t wanna break the network just by switching their local IP configuration.

Thanks in advance!

uhh, it’s been a while since I have set the IP on the switch. but I do believe it will restart the switch but as of late I just assign them a reserved DHCP address just in case the network changes I don’t lose the switch in the land of subnets past. the ones at my house just float around the DHCP pool since the controller always keeps track of them.

You could set the DHCP reservation and just wait for the lease to expire and give out the new address which should not cause any disruption.

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Thanks a lot to both of you.

@Night_Rider0 Thanks Tyler for the info. Good, I can ask you guys here before setting hand on the equipment.

@LTS_Tom Thanks Tom, you’re right. I am also not sure anymore if it is actually necessary to assign static IP addresses as the Unify Controller will detect and use them, right?


the controller will talk to them on any ip, its part of the inform system on the equipment, unless there is something like a firewall preventing them from talking the controller, will follow the device

Agreed, that’s the way I understand it.

OK, thanks guys! I think I will stick to DHCP then, maybe just arrange a new lease then.

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Not using these switches makes me ask a question: Do they have a serial console connection available? If so they can never get lost to the point where local access can’t find them.

they do have a console port on them, or you could factory reset them and they go back to DHCP by default

its sometimes just hard to push that button when its several states and a body of water away :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I get that they may be thousands of miles away, but ultimately hands on hardware is sometimes needed.

Only other thing I could suggest is some kind of IP to serial device, and that would depend on how many serial ports or on the layout of the hardware (stack, mesh, other).