Server Alerts Board

Hello all,

Excuse this topic if its common, I’ve been searching google and a variety of applications for a few hours now but not finding what i’m looking for. So what am I looking for?

I am in search of a dashboard system or application that will allow me to post events using a REST API. I have seen I don’t know how many dashboards about pulling logs or recording metrics and all of that good stuff. I’m sure they work very well, but its not what i’m searching for. I want to post my own alerts/notifications to a web based dashboard. It would be nice if the notification would clear after “acknowledging” them or maybe a time based timeout but if that’s asking for to much then no worries. So, with that being said, anyone have any leads?

Well I think I finally stumbled upon what I’m searching for (link below). If anyone has any other suggestions i’ll gladly take them!