Rumble install on pfsense

Not too clear on how to install rumble on a pfsense box; not a ‘computer guy’. Looked for Rumble as an install package and does not exist. I do see the download link and hte install instructions on the rumble admin site, but no sure what to do with this. Went to ‘console’ on pfsense box, but typing in download link did not work. Any tips would be great. Thanks

You download your customer explorer for BSD from the link your account provides, set the file as executable then run it using the manual parameter ./rumble-explorer.bin manual as I would nor recommend installing it on pfsense, but running it as needed.

Neat looking tool, I’d probably run it from a Pi4 since it has ARM versions, seems like a good use for a Pi.


We just started to use Rumble on some pfSense appliances (Intel Atom and arm’s) for testing purposes. In fact we are evaluating it for deploying on 500+ pfSenses we manage.

Hope, that we see a package for the system becoming official in the near future :slight_smile:

@hrx how did your deploy of Rumble go? I’d be curious how you are managing that number of pfSense installs. We manage about 100 right now and have built some mechanisms to help but would love to hear a bit more about how you do it.

@hrx Me too! Netgate has been talking about APIs and management tools for a long time but right now it seems like everyone rolls their own. I like hearing what others are up to.