Rsync for cloudkey

Someone gave me a CloudKey so I moved my controller from a laptop to the CK. Unfortunately, the CK does not have rsync installed so I can’t run my script to backup settings in cron. It’s running Debian Jessie, so wondering if it is possible to install rsync on this device? - no joy installing with apt | apt-get. AFIK the device is a couple years old based on date of single unf backup file that was on it.


You should be able to find the .DEB packages needed for Rsync and copy them over, but an easier solution would be to install SSH keys from a system that would be pulling the from it so you would not need to have Rsync on it.

Thanks for responding Tom. Turns out I just needed to apt-get update and then apt-get upgrade. After that apt-get install rsync worked. I use the push method that you helped me with previously. It’s working perfectly now