Routing between two pfsense

please can you assist me in routing between two pfsense device

maybe i need to explain what i am trying to do

What i am trying to do is two have two pfsense on the same site say they are being hosted on a dell r710

i will connect say lan4 to lan4 on both interface and access maybe appServer that is located on one of the pfsense box

pfsense - 1 will have an say a sage server and client on pfsense 2 box will be able to talk to pfsense 1 box

i am having issue with routing on pfsense1 to pfsense2 and pfsense2 back to pfsense

thanks for the video

I am not clear on why you have two installs of pfsense on the same network but for routing to work they each need to be on the separate subnets so things can be routed between them. Perhaps drawing a map would help to understand what the goals are.

i hope this will help i am having issue access resource

By default pfsense acts as a firewall so routing like this is possible but not really what is was designed to do. Configuration — Advanced Configuration Options — Firewall/NAT Tab | pfSense Documentation