Router for larger church

Hello all,

I am looking for some recommendations. I am the Media/IT Director at a medium to large church, we were averaging 1800 people pre-Covid and are around 80-90% now. We currently have a Sonicwall and are having issues with it needing to be restarted at random times to keep it from freezing up so I am looking at replacing it. After watching Tom’s videos and doing some research, I started using pfSense at home and am wanting to go with that at the church as well.

My issue is sizing the router. Our current internet speeds are 150/20 but we are in the process, going on over a year now, of upgrading to a symmetrical 150/150 fiber service. According to how I am reading it on Netgears website, any of their appliances would work with that speed but I understand that that is not the only thing to worry about. My main question is, would an SG-3100 be sufficient or would I need to go up to the SG-5100?

On top of that, would it make more sense to by a Netgear unit or buy something like the SuperMicro SYS-5019A-FTN4 which is comparable in price to the 5100?

Thanks for all the advice.

Absoluteley, up to one gig lines if you are not doing heavy VPN or IPS/IDS on the 3100 it’s totally fine. imix firewall throughput is about 960 Mbit on the SG3100.

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Awesome. Thanks for the advice.