Review suggestion: MikroTik hEX S


It would be great if you should be able to review MikroTik"s Hex S product.
I already have a HEX (without S) one at home, and absolutely like it.

It would be interesting for your viewers because Netgate’s products are very good, but more expensive.
HEX S’s rival as i see there in terms of specs is probably the SG-3100 from Netgate.

I would be very interested to see if this router is as performant as netgates for much cheaper.

Product official pages:

I don’t have any interest in the MikroTik devices. They are overly complex, have had several security issues and other than their low price have no other redeeming qualities.

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…and the source of many pointless headaches. Whatever money you save by purchasing one of these will be offset in countless man hours trying to figure the darn thing out.

I think that even the critics of a product mean a lot.
Seen your Review Request: Zyxel XGS1930-28 24 RJ45 1Gb plus 4 SFP+ 10Gb switch for cheap comment and that’s why I wrote this topic.

I know that MikroTik devices are not easy to use, i’m also a pfsense fan mostly.