Restore pfsense CE to pfsense Plus

Usually I have customers ship me their pfsense box in the mail when they purchase it from Netgate to cut down on drive time. Recently I had a client of mine need a new firewall installed urgently to utilize the static IPs they received from their ISP. They paid for the quick setup and quick shipping so I figured I’d get it all setup in a VM and the thought I would simply import the config file from my VM to their new firewall when I received it in the mail.

The new firewall came in the mail and I booted it up, accessed the GUI and immediately went over to Diagnostics > Backup and Restore and restored the VMs configuration file. It booted up and then as you probably guessed I couldn’t access the firewall IP address on any of the ports. That’s when it dawned on me that I was going from Community Edition to Pfsense Plus and also that I was not working with standard physical ports but rather the pfsense appliance switch port configuration. I restored the system with a pfsense appliance image I got from Netgate using the console just to be sure I didn’t deploy a corrupted system as a result of my negligence. I then compared a stock backup of the Netgate appliance to my VMs backup config I tried importing and I found that there was some extra information about the switch port and also the interface names needed updated. I then tried as carefully as I could to tweak the appliance configuration backup to match the settings of my VM backup however no matter what I tried, after the appliance reboots I can no longer ping the interfaces. It’s like the switch configuration is being wiped clean.

(Yes I did try to do the import with and without the check box to preserve the switch port configuration)

To see if the appliance was getting any traffic at all I restored the system again and this time I set a port forward rule on the WAN side so I could get back into the system from another interface other than the switch ports. That worked, when the appliance rebooted after importing the tweaked config file I was able to access the pfsense dashboard via the WAN port. When I took a look at the traffic graphs and firewall rules there was absolutely no traffic making it to the interfaces I had assigned to for example LAN and LAN2.

Has anyone been successfully with importing Community Edition configuration files to a pfsense appliance? What settings did you find necessary to add or remove to accomplish this?

Yes, just do a selective restore which will only restore things that are needed. It’s really just an issue with models that have that switch port setup.

That’s what I ended up doing in the end to get everything up and running since I had to install the system the next day.

I was just hoping I was missing something. I guess I just have to do more testing on my end to figure out which sections of the backup can be restored without an issue.

Thanks as always Tom for your help! You’re the best!

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