Response to the video about the TP-Link switch

I watched this video and the statement about TP-Link copying Ubiquities software caught my attention. So, I looked at TP-Link’s paperwork and found a little paper that told me TP-Link incorporated open source software in their device. It didn’t state exactly what was used but I’m thinking that both TP-Link and Ubiquiti are using the same open source bit of software for their web interface.

If my premise is correct, that might explain the similarities. Yes?

No idea.

However, I do like the fact that their controller can be installed on Linux in a VM. No need to buy their hardware controller or have a vm running windows.

I’m going to need to look more closely at this stuff, not sure how complex I want to make my home system, but having a “mesh” of wifi points would be nice. This is the Omada stuff?

Yes it’s the Omada stuff, though I will say I only have one AP. However, I have been running their controller in a vm because I could, which you will need if you want the mesh function. Having the second ethernet port on the device might prove to be handy but that one isn’t poe.

I’ve got the EAP245 model for reference.

Getting the controller running on Debian headless is a bit of PIA but possible. They have v5 of the controller now which I have yet to “migrate” to.

Thanks, need to do a bunch of work this summer with cameras and it would be nice to have a good wifi “mesh” running so we have better coverage everywhere, especially outside. I can dedicate a controller to it with just about any OS that it wants. Do you think it would run on a RPi3 B+? I have an extra kicking around doing nothing.

Not officially as such.

There is a docker image Docker Hub that might work.

You’d have to give it a go, I’m sure someone might have got it to work but there are quite a few software components required to make it all work, so some trial and error involved. Does work easy enough on Debian headless.