Request for written tutorials to accompany videos

Hi Tom and Team,
I do appreciate the hard work you put into this site and channel but I would like to ask you to make written versions of the video tutorials as well. Written versions are easier to reference and more easily accessible in low bandwidth, or any situation where video can’t be played. I do realize YouTube has the option to view captions of videos but these are auto generated and can be incorrect and/or painful to read. I’m sure many others would appreciate written tutorials as well.
Thanks again!

I don’t have the time and I have not been able to find someone to hire that would be good at it. Maybe one day.

When I document how I’ve done things on pfsense it’s truly woeful, there isn’t any good solutions I’ve come across, except perhaps a Wiki. However, unless you construct a step-by-guide with explanations then it’ll be useless when you next come back to it. Plus so many things are iterative that then requires the documentation to be updated.

In a past life I did document systems for clients, while it was charged for it took at least an hour of my day to do while on the customer site.

Ironically the youtube videos are about as optimal as it will get.