Recover xenserver sr from nas

We want to have a simple setup: xenserver with all vms in a single sr - sr is nfs-mounted from freenas. We have stable and proven backup/recovery of the freenas server. But how can i desaster recover the xensever from the sr on a restored nfs-share? I could not find any description how to reconnect to sr with all the vms. All our vms can boot stable from snapshotted images even if not shut down. I’m sure i’m missing something here.


You have to use ZFS replication of the dataset in FreeNAS, to another FreeNAS.

Other option is to use file based sync using RSync, this can work between other NAS brands also, for example Synology and Linux operating systems support Rsync.

If you mean disaster recovery with ‘offsite’ backups, is the same thinking but you have to replicate to an external USB drive and curry out of building. If your data are not very large, you can do this over internet to another server, or through VPN Connection to remote location.

You have to play a lot to get things going. Mr. Tom Lawrence Systems has a lot of tutorials on youtube. Good luck.