Rack mount options (low power)

I tried reddit, but no answers so…ill give it a shot:


Does anyone know much about mainly enterprise equiptment (both used and new)

Right now i have a few boxes (two lenovo t140 thinkservers(small towers)) running freenas on one and blueIris on the other

What i want to do is update them and go to one server and use virtulization to run the following (using VMware)

Blue Iris (6-8mp cameras)

Freenas (24tb)


Id like to have it rack mountable.

Im looking for a server that can hold 6+ 3.5" (LFF) drives

I was looking at either a used dell 730xd or new hp DL385 (epyc)

Id like to stay as close to 1000USD as possible (without drives)

Any other suggestions? (I rather not build one)

power is a concern due to high power rates .18 per KW

any input is appriciated,

Thank you,


I would go with the used Dell, but check the VMware HCL to make sure that you only run supported versions of ESXi on the hardware that you decide to purchase. Also, make sure you buy a server with the 750W PDUs. When you get it, make sure you set the BIOS for high performance too.

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