Question regarding VM creation in XOA and xcp-ng center

It seems a little weird but if i create an VM in xcp-ng center it works great using XOA however seems to have issues with things like host-only network cards.

If for example, i make a VM in XOA with only a host-only LAN adapter connected to pfsense the internet will not work using the exact same parameters but creating in xcp-ng center causes the same exact host only LAN to successfully connect to pfsense and get an IP. I am not sure why this is any thought on why using identical specs has so varied outcomes between the xcp-ng center and XOA?

I have not had this issue, if you can document the problem post a bug report of in their forums.

Upon further testing it seems XO handles the virtual MAC assignment differently, even when specifying a random MAC in XO for the interface i get odd issues.

I am not sure how to package this in a way that would help XO by submitting an bug report. On my test case when loading the installer (in this particular case CentOS 8.1) the installer defaults to the adapter being off when enabling it in the installer i get an 169 address if i go into the settings change the MAC field to random and save it then gets an 192 address but its assigned to an network which is odd as i do not have this network defined on pfsense. it also creates a default route to which again is not a valid network.

If i can manage to figure out how to pack this in a way that it would be useful to the folks on the XO forums i would/will gladly post it there but its very strange behavior as XCP-ng center only has the issue of disabling the adapter in the installer (which could be an feature of the centos installer) but enabling it in the installer causes it to work as normal.

Any help with what logs/wording i should use to try and get this infront of the right people over there?

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