Question on VMware integration (DietPI VM) with Pfsense

HI guys, wonder if anyone could shed some light on the following issue I have.
I set up a VM in VMware pro, and installed DietPi with the aim of building a lightweight media server. The DietPi side of things seem to be working, I have SSH enabled and can freely browse the media related appications that I have installed. I am however getting a 502 authentication error with a server I am trying to connect to. I checked PFsense, as this is happening repeatedly, and whilst I can confirm the DietPI VM is seeing the internet and can access, for some reason, i cannot see the VM in the DHCP lease. I only see it as expired. I set the expired lease to static, the dietpi vm is static and pingable.
Could it be that something on the firewall is blocking this specific connection? I’ve tried on ports 563, 443, 119 with SSL on or off (as per the server’s instructions) but nothing seems to be getting through.

Wondered if there was something basic I am overlooking here. For what it’s worth my firewall rules are pretty relaxed, as in am learning still, so i don’t think i’ve locked down any particular ports on my LAN side.