Question on VLans

If I make a new Vlan in the usg will it deploy to all switches for example if switch one connects to switch 2 via uplink port will the vlan show up on switch 2 for any port to be that vlan? Assuming if switch port profile is selected as all on the uplink port. This would be all ubnt gear.

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So you’ll have VLAN 1 as the default then have additional VLAN 10 for example?
I think you need to make the uplink from Switch to Switch via Trunk Links. Is Trunks links means Uplink port on Unifi? sorry for the confusion…

Say the first vlan you make when you port config the uplink port instead of selecting just the vlan you select all. Will that allow for switch 2 to see the vlan for its ports if you so choose to make a port a vlan or it can be a regular port.

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Hi sir, Can I define my terms first. When I say “Trunk ports” means untagged and tagged traffic will pass through which is recommended for Uplinks and then when I say “Access Port” that means only tagged either VLAN 1 or VLAN 2 can pass traffic over the link.

So what I will do is connect Switch 1 over Switch 2 using Trunk port as their uplink and then set the other ports for either Access Port tagged VLAN 1 or VLAN 2… so if my workstation needs tagged VLAN 2 traffic then I’ll set the Switch 2 Port number 2 as Tagged VLAN2.

Yea thats what I meant. Under port profile it gives option as Default with 2 options all or disabled. And then gives option for switch networks lan and then the vlans if you made any. I assume by selecting all under default it will pass lan and then any vlans you made to switch 2?

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By default all ubnt switches are configured as trunks — or specifically they will pass all tagged traffic and pass untagged traffic belonging to VLAN1.

What is VLAN 1? Sorry

VLAN 1 by default on UBNT systems is the default untagged network. If you try to define a VLAN with number 1 within UBNT you will discover you can not.

Isnt regular lan traffic then? If you look at my other reply where default is bold, the port profile with all being selected mean it will carry lan traffic and vlan traffic right? For the uplink port. To the next switch so it can have any of its ports for the vlans you made.

Yes – if you select All as the port profile (which I believe all ports are marked All by default), it will carry all untagged and tagged traffic. In UBNT – LAN in reality is VLAN 1 or Native Traffic. The All profile is defined to tag all traffic other than LAN or in otherwords all traffic other than VLAN1.

What you mean tag all traffic other then lan/vlan1?