Question about DNS order - should it be Windows AD DC -> lancache -> Pi-Hole or should it be backwards?

I am looking to run three services:

Windows AD DC
Steam cache (lancache)

Should my DNS be set up such that my client computers should point to the Windows AD DC server first, then the Steam cache (lancache) and then Pi-Hole or should it be set up backwards?

Things that might be imporant to note:
I am running two different subnets (one has all of the traffic going through a VPN) and the other one subnet doesn’t.

As a result, right now, I am running two Windows AD DCs (via Turnkey Linux domain controller LXC container), one for each of the subnets.

I am running a 3-node Proxmox HA cluster, and each node has dual GbE NICs in them.

I have tried to set up my lancache such that it will respond to requests coming in from both subnets, but on their documentation page, it says that their DNS_BIND_IP address can only handle one address, so right now – that works for one of my subnets, but not the other.

I was hoping to be able to use Pi-Hole to “fix” that (rather than running a second instance of the Steam cache (lancache) where it caches exactly the same content.

Your help and suggestion is greatly appreciated.

I am hoping that I have asked my question in a clear and concise manner.

Thank you.

Your windows servers should always be the dns server for your clients.

On server dns settings - forwarding you add your other dns settings, so that it forwards dns request to these servers

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(I had started writing the reply and then my Firefox crashed, and I forgot to come back to this.)

Sorry – I guess that I forgot to add that I am using Samba 4 (via turnkey linux domain controller LXC template) for the Windows AD DC, rather than Windows Server.