Protectli FW1 no gigabit lan

Looking for some advice, I currently run Pfsense on a Protectli FW1 box. I am having issues with achieving speeds on the lan side even up to 1gig. When running iPerf from any lan connected machine the best results I am able to achieve is 560 MB/s. Is this hardware not capable of routing at 1000MB/s? I am fine with the WAN Speed as my wan is only 100/10 but trying to run any services in my home lab with this router is a bottleneck.

Any suggestions on where I should look or would I be better off finding different hardware since this box is on the older side?

I don’t know how fast that system so I am not sure. I know the SG-3100 can run about about gigabit speeds depending a bit on the services you have running.

4 cores at 1.9 ghz; it’s a j1900 ; would the cpu play a big roll in even lan speeds?

The firewall / pfsense only plays a roll when data is routed through it. Data going over the same subnet (single LAN) does not route through the firewall/pfsense.

Right, I get that. What doesn’t make sense is why the iPerf results would be so low. When running Pfsense in a VM I am able to get results around 850-900mb/s from all wired clients.