Problem accessing web servers on the LAN


I have a very strange problem resulting with a ERR_TIMED_OUT from one computer, but not from any other computers on the same LAN.

My setup is: XCP-ng with pfsense, HAProxy reverse proxy and a few VM’s running linux servers, such as samba4 active directory, owncloud, homebridge, cloudberry, etc. My domain is .lan and I use HAProxy to reverse proxy to .com on the LAN. It works like a charm, really, wonderful. My Windows 10 clients can connect to all the web servers on the LAN using .com without issues, but one freaking Windows 10 machine that keeps erroring out with ERR_TIMED_OUT. I tried all I could find on the web, including flushing the DNS, resetting the network card, clearing the browser cache, using different browsers, nothing helps.

If you have an idea, please share.



Well, I’ll answer my own question. The solution was to reinstall Windows 10 from scratch. Unpleasant but no big deal. No idea why nothing else worked.