PopOS! - Screen/Display issues

Hi all

Love PopOS!

I have it loaded on my Dell 5570 and there’s a weird screen thing happening and I’m not sure how to explain it so Google not yielding much info.
The screen seems like it is dimming slightly then goes back to normal every few seconds, whilst I’m working on the machine, almost like when you leave the machine idle and the screensaver is about to kick in the screen dims… except when im using the machine the screen dims very slightly. And then goes back to normal and flickers between the two.

Also, there is a lot of artifacting, tearing if I drag something across the screen quickly.

A far as I can tell, Drivers are installed / up to date - is there another way I can check?

I thought this problem wasn’t going to bother me as it’s not that noticeable but after a while, it gets more noticeable and is now getting annoying.

Side note: Loaded Windows onto the laptop as a test make sure the panel wasn’t going bad, and its fine. Its only when In Pop this problem arises.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Not an issue I have encountered, I think that unit has the Intel UHD Graphics 620 so trying adding that to your Google search and look for Ubuntu solutions as that is what POP_OS is based on.