Pop_OS! on an old MBP

Ok, so a while back a client of mine gave me their old MacBook Pro as payment for helping them migrate photos and docs to a new phone and MBPr and I figured I’d really like to have a laptop that has a builtin ethernet port so this machine is a great find for me!

Well, after letting the poor thing charge for a bit I popped (pun intended, lol) a USB with the Pop_OS! ISO and started spinning. If anyone is interested in more details, just ask away! The next thing I’ve got to figure out is where I can get a WiFi driver for it :man_facepalming: because a mobile computer is not very useful if it’s not mobile!

Ok, so I got WiFi going on this old MBP and am really happy with how this is working! Though getting the WiFi working was a bit of a pain in the butt! In case anyone (including me) needs this info in the future, here are the resource links I used to get it working:

Now, excuse me because I have ton of playing around to do!