Point to Point or Stretch the Wifi with Mesh

Auto shop two different shops about 100ft but both are enclosed. Client uses laptop for diagrams and part lookups inside bays. I haven’t done a P2P in a while with the Nanostation a while back but haven’t done in a while. I know if I did a Indoor/outdoor mesh setup now that I could likely cover both building and the area between. This will likely stretch the capabilities of their work area as well. I open to any thoughts on this.

PtP is the better of the two and might not be any different in price, a pair of nanostation ac locos is only $110.

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Oh I totally agree I just know sometimes that take them out in the area between as well. I will likely use the Point to Point just seeing if others have tried something different. Appreciate your insight :slight_smile:

We use PtP instead of mesh in most situations like that.