pfSense - XCP-NG NAT

With OVH now starting to charge monthly for IPs, my trusty little XCP-NG server that I host a few internal things on is about to get a lot more expensive. Anyone have any suggestions on setting up NAT so that I can use 1 public IP and multiple domains pointing to multiple VMs? It’s not something I’ve attempted before. Not sure if pfSense is the right option either. Cheers.

That is what a proxy is for, having one IP and the proxy will look at the SNI and determine what server on the back end to use.

HAProxy is built into pfsense, but there are plenty of other proxy services our there.

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HA Proxy works well when you only need to route 1x host:port mapping. It fails when you want to have 1x host with multiple ports. i.e. and

That’s certainly the conclusion I’ve come to based on recent discussions, Multiple Public Hostnames Behind pfSense

I don’t think I agree with that statement. You certainly can proxy to a single host with multiple ports. Unless I am misunderstanding what you are saying.

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It can be done, HAProxy has to be configured to answer on each port.