pfSense - why 2 HDD of different size


I normally setup my pfSense using 2 SSD HDD and in a mirror the 2 disks.
Yesterday, my supplier offered me a box that has 1x 30GB mSATA and 1x 120 SSD…
assuming I would install pfSense on the smaller, 30gb mSATA, what will you do the second disk if it isn’t in mirror configuration?

I’m struggling to see the point.

If not part of the mirror, than I’d either use it to build something else, or use it as a /tmp and/or /var drive somewhere. my 2 cents

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The 2nd drive would be used for your logs if you were capturing your traffic. Interesting stuff but going thru logs does eat up a significant amount of one’s time.


I’ve just contacted the supplier, and they say people use it for caching.

Just thought I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

caching? :thinking:

Squid is kind of a naughty word 'round here I think, or at least imho.

Use the 120 for pfSense with logging everywhere, and use the 30 for a FreeNAS rig… :stuck_out_tongue:

Whis is it so?
In our office of 10 PC, caching windows update could be a good thing for example.
Why is caching bad, please tell me i’m learning so educate me :slight_smile:

Back when I first started with pfSense, I thought the same thing, caching updates would be nice. Then I tried to make it work properly with everything… I promptly cut up, battered and deep fried that squid.

But feel free to install it and see if it’ll work for you!

You brought tears to my eyes man! I couldn’t stop laughing at your last sentence… My wife tried to get it but It was lost on her

Glad I could brighten you morning! :wink:

I’m saddened for you that it was lost on your wife though. I’ll try harder next time for you. :stuck_out_tongue: