PfSense Whitelist alias Rules

Would like some “two cents gray matter” thoughts on this from anyone.

I thought I could setup a firewall rule where I could have a set of static IP address have access to specific websites of my choosing (by making an Alias List) and then be blocked by to any other sites.

This rule would only be effective for those static addresses.

This is what I thought I could get away with:

I know the blocking of the static IP address works fine, its allowing the websites that’s got me stumped…

I guess I’m going in the wrong direction here…


You can definitely do what you are looking for but you might find it easier to do via pfBlocker. I actually use MineMeld to create all kinds of dynamic block and allow lists and then use pfBlocker to bring them into pfSense.

been looking into pfBlocker. Overall I’m aiming to have these permissions on a schedule during “school” time, but got to get it the basics working first