pfSense WAN w/DHCP losing connection randomly


I’m troubleshooting a pfSense running on a Supermicro hardware where a new issue appeared after about a year without any hiccups. The box randomly loses connectivity to Internet after a couple of hours or couple of days. The WAN interface is set to DHCP. When connectivity stops, the issue can be resolved by disabling and reenabling the WAN interface. This usually results in a new WAN IP. The ISP in this case is FIOS.

I wonder if anyone has run into a similar issue. Any help is appreciated.

Is this a fiber or RJ45 connection?

This is a RJ45 connection.

The customer opted to request a static IP which was provisioned overnight and DHCP is no longer in the picture.

Before the switch, I did packet capture on UDP 67/68 which showed DHCP requests, followed by DHCP discover for several minutes until DHCP offer would appear. Not a good example of DHCP service.

I’ve found a Verizon fios forum user with the same issue: