Pfsense WAN Question

Hey guys,

would you know if it is possible to setup a pfsense firewall to have 3 WAN ports going to 3 different ISPs?


Yes, but why stop at three? :slight_smile:


Hmm maybe one more with a 4G LTE backup connection.

There is only 3 ISPs in Gibraltar and very expensive !

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I’m trying something at out DataCenter where we shoot out of we run a small WISP and trying to give public IP’S to some of our buisness customers so we bought a /24 from our ISP cogent and I’m trying to route it to our lan I turned NAT off but I still can reach the IPs from the internet like NAT is still there what am I doing wrong

Hey buddy, did you sort the problem? You find the solution? I have same problem…

Not with PFSENSE but I got it working with Untangle I don’t like Untangle I’ve had very wierd problems with it I have the Java based GUI I would much rather PFSENSE but couldn’t get it working

@jonatgeekitek, what type of systems are you trying to assign public IPs to? Also, are you subnetting your block of IPs? Will their gateway be on the firewall or are there multiple hops to get to the customers systems?