pfSense vs ubiquiti

I’m a small tech services business. I do a lot of residential work but I’m shifting my focus to commercial at this time. I’ll be tending to small businesses only. I’ve got a client with some pretty bad infrastructure currently, and I’m basically looking to rip out the smorgasboard of devices and go clean as I’m incredibly fastidious toward these matters.

At my home I run pfSense on an old computer and it works flawlessly. However, for my business clients, I’m trying to adapt a sort of “go to” repertoire as it were. Router, Firewall, Switch, AP’s etc. Obviously the client’s needs will dictate exactly which hardware will be procured but I’m having this internal battle between netgate and UN hardware. My needs are to be able to remotely provide monthly checkups and such, as part of a service contract.

Which devices are you all using in your smb environments?

We use pfsense for the firewalls unless they need the firewall to do filtering then we do Untangle. We mostly use UniFi switches & access points for the rest. UniFi firewalls work for really basic home user needs but fall short on anything VPN or more advanced.

Thanks for the response Tom! I love your youtube channel, and that’s actually where I found out about these forums. Thanks for all the work you do with your videos.

I appreciate the clean rundown on your go-to procedure. I’m going to just stick with pfSense. It’s what I know the best for firewall/router software. Actually, I learned most of what I know about pfSense from your youtube videos! lol.

Thanks again!

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