Pfsense vpn not able to connect-to internal-lan other than inerface

I have installed pfSense on VMware Esxi server as VM and it has 3 NICs. One is WAN and the other two internal LAN and And configured openvpn server and created firewall rules to any access for full LAN access thru VPN. But can’t access these LAN from vpn network. OPENVPN push routes are added to clients.
I have tried ping from pfSense diagnostics .It can reach to pfsense interface ip & but none of the other machines with in the same lan . I have done several configurations like this never had such an issue. It appears to be very strange. Any comments?

When the VPN client tried to talk to other computers on my LAN, the packets from my VPN client were reaching pfsesen lan interface but the source address of these packets was the address from the OpenVPN network. The LAN hosts knew this wasn’t on their LAN, and the only thing they knew to do in that case was to send them to the default gateway, which is WAN gateway. Is there any way to fix this

I have a video on how to do a site to site VPN here:

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