PfSense, Unifi Switch and APs, VLANS not working

When I first set up PfSense on a separate server, and added a Unifi 16-port 150w switch, with one AP-AC-lite and a AP-AC-Pro, I configured it all with VLANS (20,30,40,50) for my stuff, my wife’s stuff, my daughters stuff, and IoT. It was working until I upgraded my controller, now I can’t seem to figure out for the life of me why nothing works. Below are the details: (SORRY, it seems I being a new user on the forums, I couldn’t upload the images where I wanted them, I can only upload ONE image, so I had to cram the screenshots in to one image…hopefully I labeled it well enough to follow, you can also see the same post on Ubiquiti forums here :

DEVICES (See #1 on the pic)


WIRELESS NETWORKS (Note: only the top is currently set up with a VLAN because I am testing and everyone in the house is getting pissed at their internet being disconnected… :frowning: So if I can get that one working, I can get the rest working…) (See #3)


PfSense VLANS (See #9)

INTERFACE DETAIL - for JerNet VLAN20 (Raz-1337 Wireless Network) (See #8)

FIREWALL RULES (WAN, LAN, then JER_NET/VLAN20) (See #'s 10,11,12)

Hopefully that gives all the information needed for the Gurus out there to see what is going on. I thought I had this down but…can’t figure out what the hell is happening. When I don’t have the VLAN ONLY/VLAN20 tag on the wireless network in my Unifi controller, I get on the internet just fine… as soon as I enable VLAN 20 tagging, it no longer connects and is assigned an APIPA address… (I also am back to version 5.12.66 on the controller)

Oh, and here is the screenshot of the Raz-1337 Wireless Network setup in the controller…
(See # 5)

And I am not sure if this makes a difference in the SITE configuration (See #6)