pfSense transparent firewall

Running pfSense 21.05 on new SG-2100. Have typical /24 network behind Fios router which I must keep. I have three 2100 LAN ports bridged, no connection to WAN port. DHCP from Fios router. Everything working OK so far with everything connected (Fios router LAN port, Eth switch and WiFi router LAN port) to one of the bridged ports.

Interested in establishing transparent firewall between the three bridged ports and the remaining #4 LAN port. The #4 port will support a small switch serving PCs and various Raspberry pi in order to control access to them.

Unclear whether VLANs in both 2100 and small switch required and how the unused WAN port complicates matters…

Suggestions appreciated. Previous experience in bare metal configurations of enterprise level firewalls (Fortinet 310, 800, 1500) but I’m afraid much of that knowledge has gently faded away…


The VLAN interface should not complicate it, but I have a video on building a transparent setup here