Pfsense tailscale issue

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to setup tailscale as a site to site between two pfsense firewalls. I’m primarily interested in accessing the subnet from site B.

On site A I’ve added pfsense to my tailnet and ticked the box accept subnet routes. Tailscale is running and I can reach it from my laptop with the tailscale client installed.

On site B I’ve done the same except I have added to my advertised routes and confirmed this in the tailscale web interface.

From my laptop with the tailscale client installed I can connect to anything within the subnet as expected however I cannot access this subnet from devices behind my firewall at site A. Is there some special routing that is needed to accomplish this? From the setup video for this it looks to be pretty set and forget.



I had to add an Outbound NAT rule based on Christian McDonald’s video, t=27:26

I don’t recall seeing that in @LTS_Tom video.