Pfsense Static WAN setup

I just received what I need from my isp to setup a static wan with my own equipment. They have provided the following info but I’m not quite sure which is the WAN of the firewall, and the other one for the inside interface.

Gateway Address:

Network Address:

Usable ip:

Broadcast Address:

Subnet Mask:

You have two useable IP’s with this subnet.

The gateway is and the wan is (this is the one you assign to the WAN interface)

I added both the upstream gateway and static wan prefix /30 for the wan interface and it didn’t work. I lost 100% of my packets through my wan and it’s completely offline. I also tried it without an upstream gateway with the same result unfortunately.

Confirm the settings with your provider.

You could also setup a laptop / desktop with these settings to see if you can access the internet.