pfSense Shaper, small Bandwidth


recent due to corona I install alot of School Sites. Focusing on Unifi and pfSense since years because it’s solid and runs. Unfortunately Schools often in a very poor shape, currently I have one site which have a damn slow DSL Internet Line.

They have 8 Class rooms, due to the concrete structure we have 8x UAP-AC-PRO a UCKG2 and a pfSense (Netgate 3100) so far so good. The huge Problem is the Internet Line - the gov promised them to get fiber by the end of the year but as usual this is not happening before the summer '21 (earliers) so we need to use the existing DSL Line with 12 Mbit Down 2 Up - whi isn’t much.

Luckily it’s a elementary school so their demand is still small and they working on internal things on their NAS. But still… Long topic short - What would be your Suggestions and experience having about 100 - 200 Clients on only 2 Mbit Upstream?

Currently I setup the pfSense with a PRIQ Scheduler to at least have ACK/DNS and IMAP/SMTP a Priority for them. Of course I’m realistic even a good shaper can’t do magic with this small uplink. But maybe anybody of you already had similar situations.

Thanks alot for Input!

There is not a lot of magic that can be done with that little bandwidth, maybe see if this helps with the congestion.

thanks for the link - will give it a try. But I hope they really manage to get a better internet Line - 2 Mbit isn’t even enough for one device nowadays.

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