Pfsense - Routing VLAN

Need help how to access PABX Panasonic on VLAN, i have set up 5 VLAN’S that will have access to pabx, but my SIP provider gave me a default gateway on the pabx,
VLAN 10 for PABX -

PABX IP : SIP Gateway IP
what is the possible solution for me to able to access the pabx on my vlan?


@ on this one sir do you have idea on how to do it ?

Sorry need a bit more input to answer that one.

I do not understand why beside the PBX there is another GW address on the same Subnet. Does the PBX System also works as a router? Why?

What are the Phones connecting to?

The whole SIP / Voip thing on pfSense is a bit tricky. SIP does not like NAT. I always try to avoid putting the phones into another VLAN than the PBX itself. Give only uneccessary headache :slight_smile:

Right now we are on a testing stage for PBX using IP, Analog is working fine.

The set up for PBX is that SIP provider gives us a default gateway in order to talk to their router. is the gateway. is the PBX System I want to hook the PBX to our network created VLAN for PBX then i realize that PBX has a different gateway.

I want to use a softphone install on other VLAN but i cant able to communicate with the PBX.

Of course if they use a own GW / Router they have no Idea where and how to route your network to. So either the PBX is setting your GW as default GW or you get access to their GW to configure the routing table to “know” your network and route it to your GW.

But I can’t recommend a double route for SIP Packages, as said - if you working with SIP keep it simple and stupid. One VLAN for PBX and Phone or you need to deal with ALG / SIP Proxy rewrites for the correct addresses. Alternative a STUN Server running on the PBX.

Im not a PBX expert but I had some of the worst nightmares on some stupid PBX Systems behind a pfSense and VLANs.