Pfsense routing issue

Hi all,

i have a side - side VPN with two modems. On one side is a pfsense box connected to the modem.

I Have two LAN networks configured on the pfSense box. When I try to ping a host on the other modem it only works from the second LAN network, not from the first.

Do you have any idea what it could be?

I opened the firewall with an any-any rule on both LANs but no luck. I can’t find the difference in the two networks ?

Big thanks from Germany for any help!

Might be a outgoing NAT issue?
Edit - I totally missed the VPN part of your question. Disregard my answer…

What kind of VPN are you using?

You can setup a RAS server and a client at each site and see if they both connect or not.

Could be your rules or your config.

it is a side 2 side IPSEC tunnel.

the typology is:

Client — Router A ----------VPN --------- Router B ----- pfSense ------LAN 1 & LAN 2

I can see the web interface of the client from the router B and the pfSense LAN 2 but not from LAN 1.
I looked up all the settings, but could find the difference of the two Subnets.

@neogrid I use for now any-any rules to test it. I can’t see any blocking in the logs.

I created a new Interface with a new Subnet and that can access the Client on the other side of the VPN tunnel.

What can be wrong with my default LAN 1 network ?