PFsense route public IP to webservice

This is my first PFSense installation so I’m sure I’m missing something simple here. I have a non profit website hosted on a server that I want to make available to the outside.

I have PFSense installed with a 4 port nic. One port is assigned to LAN and it works fine. I can access PFsense without any issues. Next port is assigned to WAN and it is the public static IP address that I have for this website. Third port, OPT1, I had assigned to a static ip of something like

The webserver has an ip of and is connected directly to the OPT port on the pfsense box.

My plan was to route the WAN port 80 http (and https port as well) traffic through the OPT port to the webserver but I can’t seem to get the right rule/nat setup to do this. Not even sure this is the best way to do this but figured that keeping the webserver off the internal lan would be good protection, so that’s where using OPT came into play.

Any ideas on how to route this?

Here is my video on how to setup port forwarding