pfSense OpenVPN Multiple Servers (mulit wan/lan)

Hi all,
We have everything all setup and openvpn works perfect. We are now adding a new OpenVPN server. The reason is that we have sub contractors connecting to us and we want to give them very little access to our network.
The VPN is connecting and they are logged in but they can’t reach the network we gave them.
I am sure it is something silly but i cant see it.

They are using UDP1197.
I have a NAT rule to allow that port to
I have a firewall rule on the WAN they are coming in on with a destination of
I have a OpenVPN rule to allow their tunnel network ( to the network I want to send them to (
In the firewall setup itself, the remote IPv4 network is set to (just that single IP).

Again, tunnel connects without issue. However, they can’t ping (I dropped the local firewall) or see

Any ideas?

Willing to pay someone to quickly hop on and take a look at this with me as it should be super easy.

See…all good now. LOL :smiley:

Silly typo in the destination network.

PFsense wins again!