PFSense - Openvpn - Multi-WAN (After Update 2.5.1)

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  • After update from 2.5.0 my PfSense Server (which is used for firewall, OpenVPN + Radius Authentication), cannot maintain connection on second WAN, It’s connect, check pin + auth, give to the remote client IP and ROUTE, but after dozen seconds it drop the connection. Does anyone have a clue about it ? The server is so far from me now, otherwise I’m willing to save settings and give it a version rollback, but now, I just need to balance my incoming connections.

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As far as I am aware there is an issue with multi-WAN in the kernel that needs to be corrected. I had issues with multi-WAN and port forwarding and also with OpenVPN not working. I moved to the 2.60 development branch and did not have any issues.

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Thank you ! I’ll take something on next weekend to try that. Have a great week friend.