PfSense OPEN vpn client Overide cant access to webconf or LAN

i have a pfSense working correctly and a OpenVPN where i can connect.
The IPv4 Local network(s) Tunnel is set to my lan Interface.
IPv4 Tunnel Network set to

Usual VPN user can access to webconfig without problem and LAN resources

I have one VPN user that have a advanced/custom client override rule
this user can use the vpn without problem but he cant access to the webconf interface or other lan resources.

Firewall rules in Wan and OpenVPN are correct because i can access normally using a NON specific Overide user

what i am doing wrong?

Thanks for any help or documentations that can point me to a solution.

Not clear on your goal and the tunnel network should not be the same as any other network on or attached to the pfsense.

thanks for the replay
The goal is to assign a static ip to an user conected using the openvpn, and this work flowless.
But when this user get the static ip he can not access the webconfig interface.
Tunnel network is not the same than any other network
Tunnel network
LAN network

  1. Verify that the client can resolve the address of the firewall correctly, if applicable.
  2. Verify that the client can reach the other end of the tunnel (e.g. that it is able to ping the firewall’s tunnel interface address).
  3. Verify that the client has a route to the firewall through the VPN by checking the route table.
  4. Post a screenshot of the firewall rules for the VPN interface.