PFSense & Netgate In Canada

While relatively new to pfsense, it feels a lot like the days with a Linksys WRT-54G running openWRT on it for the expansive functionality.

As from the title, I’m in Canada, but having a hard time finding the Netgate sg-3100 anywhere even remotely close, without having to import from the US and spending 2-3x the expected cost vs most locally available SMB Cisco or even Ubiquiti Edge routers.

Building a micro ATX system, is a bit on the ugly and big side of things and hard to sell to any customer compared to the alternatives. Any recommendations of alternate setups, or devices that could run pfsense? (Aside note, I checked out the affil links on Amazon for the 9U cabinet, USD ~$150, same unit on, CAD ~$411 Ouch)

I would be looking at small barebones servers, which is essentially what netgate appliances are. I found a few options: (Viable if you use a Core Switch archetecture where everything including the ISP connection goes through VLANs on a core switch)
Search “pfsense appliance”, “network appliance”, etc on