pfSense / Netgate 6100 Interface Reassignment

I am hoping someone can provide suggestions. I am trying to reassign existing interfaces (LAN and several of my OPT interfaces) to different physical ports so I can take advantage of the 2.5 GB ports. When I select the drop-down box next to any of the existing interfaces and try to assign it to an unused interface, I see the new interface in the box. But when I click “Save” and expect the screen to refresh with the new interface, everything re-displays as if I did not make any changes. I am logged into the UI through a switch interface, not directly into the existing LAN port.

Do I first need to unplug the Ethernet cable to kill all current states? Do I need to plug a PC directly into the LAN port (but that is one of the interfaces I wish to change)? Do I need to do all such changes through the Console port or via SSH? I have not been able to find any pfSense documentation addressing this problem Everything i read seems to indicate that the drop-down and Save steps in the GUI should work.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.


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You can not assign it to something else that is already assigned and it might be easier to just disable the interface, assign it, then re-enable it.

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Thanks for your quick response/help. Tom. I was not trying to reassign to an existing interface. But your suggestion to first disable the interface did the trick. In case this helps anyone else, I had to first disable the existing interface and Save the change. Then I could successfully select the new assignment (an open port) and save that. Then I had to go back to the interface and re-enable it. It took those 3 steps, but the GUI worked fine.

There is apparently a current bug in the pfSense software when reassigning the LAN interface. I needed to follow the instructions in this link to allow me to first disable the LAN interface, before reassigning it follow the 3-steps above. This link has the steps with an odd IPv6 element (even though I had IPv6 disabled in my network): pfSense 2.5.0 Bug - Router Advertisements Server is active by default on internal LAN Interface - Multiple Errors like - Renaming of LAN Interface or setting up OpenVPN Server runs into an error regarding IPv6 Configuration -

Thanks again, Tom. You are the best!