pfSense need HELP

I have a newbie question. A friend of mine came over and set up my pfSense, pi hole, pfBlockerNG has my system pretty well lockdown unfortunately can’t get a hold of him. Just bought an ecobee smart thermostat with voice control 5th generation it is trying to connect to But it will not let it go out to the internet need some help assistance.

You need to whitelist that domain/URL in both pi hole and pfBlockerNG. Do you have access to the pfSense?

Yes i have access to pfSense
I have whitelist the domain name in pi hole. i do not know how to whitelist in pfBlockerNG.

I have added the port for the ecobee under Alliance / port. the port number is 8089
Is it something that could be possible lockdown in the outbound traffic.

the crazy thing is Alexa works and responds.

Outbound traffic is allowed by default for the pfSense, but pi hole and pfBlockerNG could be a different story. I would look at the logs for each one of those and see if it is blocking that URL.