Pfsense Lab router setup help

In a few of lawrence’s videos he has a pfsense router setup inside his private network for testing.

I am setting up some kit in a similar way but am unable to get traffic to flow between my home pfsense router and my lab pfsense router.

Here’s a little diagram of how things are set up.

How would I go about putting my lab on the internet and allowing traffic from Home network into lab networks?

I’ve tried making a static route but it doesn’t seem to work

Thanks in advance

edit (apologies about the duplicate. I thought this might not be the best place to ask, then changed my mind, not trying to spam)

On the wan setup on SG2100, you need to untick these options

On APU2, the lan port should be setup as normal, firewall rule to allow all traffic on the lan

No static route are required.