PFsense issues with PFblocker and DDNS

Hi team, I am having some strange issues with my PFsense and I cant figure out what is going on.

I am new with PFsense and I set up Suricata in monitoring mode and PFblocker as well. Sometimes it all works just fine and then sometimes random things will just stop loading and start being blocked by PFblocker. For instance, I use instagram sometimes and randomly today it started blocking everything on instagram in PFblcoker saying it was come from server in Africa. I just white listed it and it was all fine again suddenly.

Then I couldnt play videos on youtube suddently, did not see any logs in PFblocker from that workstation so I disabled PFblocker and Suricatas services and still had the same problem. So I just rebooted PFsense and everything started working again with PFblocker and Suricata services running aftter the reboot. I have this installed on an older solid state drive but the drive passed all the smart tests. But im starting to think there might be a hardware issue related to that drive maybe?

Secondly, I have DDNS set up to access my movie server when im away from home. I can access from outside of my network without any problems but I cant access the DDNS address from inside my network suddenly. I could not find any logs in PFblocker and am still having that same issue with PFB and Suricatas services deactivated. What should I be looking at to figure this out?

thank you all in advance!

The first problem sounds like you are over blocking thing which means you will have to white list as you find the issues, second issue is you should that you need to turn on NAT reflection under “System->Advanced Firewall & NAT” sub heading “NAT Reflection mode for port forwards”

Thank you for the tips Tom! BIG FAN!

I will disable PFblocker and test to see if the problem persists. Then I will try to adjust the settings a little more delicately. I was trying to use GEO IP blocking to block incoming from outside of the US to accessing my WAN IP because I was hosting a few things I wanted to share with friends but they are all in my city so I was just trying to block everyone thats not in the USA. Is PFblocker my best option to accomplish that end goal?

I did resolve the DDNS issue with your suggestion as well.