Pfsense / IOT vlan / multicast problem

Hi, followed Tom’s IOT pfsense setup, all working fine… thanks for the vid Tom :slight_smile:

My problem is a bit specific though, might not be a solution :frowning:

I’m running logitechmediaserver on my LAN with the chromecast plugin … Announce: CastBridge = integrate Chromecast players with LMS (squeeze2cast)

All chromecasts are on the IOTCrap vlan, and working fine, castbridge works fine, I can select any audio program/file/podcast from within LMS and stream it successfully to any of the chromecasts on the IOT VLAN, my current rules for this VLAN are…

(“lms” is the alias for the IP address of my logitechmediaserver running on my LAN)

My issue is if i try to stream to a chromecast group, it doesnt work, I think it’s to do with the following sentence in the castbridge help file, but don’t know how to set this up in pfsense?


The Bridge installs a web server on a random port from 49152 (can be configured), up to 32 ports, so your firewall must allow that. If everything seems to work but you have no sound, you propably have these ports blocked to the Chromcast player cannot get the audio. In Windows, add a rule authorizing squeeze2cast-win.exe or go into C:\ProgramData\Squeezebox\Cache\InstalledPlugins\P lugins\CastBridge and launch once squeezecast-win.exe where you’ll be prompted for authorization

This plugin requires SSL to stream HTTPS directly so make sure it’s installed on your LMS server.