pfSense historical uptime

I’m running pfSense in Hyper-V for my home lab. Just last night I thought I should check the uptime, because it’s been pretty good for a while. I think it was 40 days of uptime last time I checked.

Anyway, this morning the number 1 cause of my server outages occurred. My 4 year old pushed the power button. Everything came back up and is working now, but I don’t know what my historical up time is. Are there any logs in pfSense that show when it came online?

Or perhaps there are Windows/Hyper-V logs that would show this? Any ideas?

Not sure.

Here’s my current uptime for pfsense/xcp-ng. I think I had to restart when I upgraded cable modem.

There should be Windows events logs on the server running Hyper V and your VM. Look in the Hyper-V-Worker folder under Apps and Services.

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