Pfsense high dns latency

Moved to a new place this past weekend and I decided to move from my edge router as my edge device to my SG1100. Pretty standard setup just to get the place up and running, SG100 -> Edge Switch (no vlans) -> UNIFI nano HD.

Currently I am seeing high DNS latency on my wireless devices and when pinging from the SG1100 local dns is taking like 5000ms but and are in the teens. (see attached pictures)

wondering if there is anything i need to change. I have seen this once before and putting a pihole in place solved the issue but i would rather not do that since i can run pfblocker on the 1100.

Looks fine to me, sub 10 msec is very ISP dependent

thanks I’m just concerned with the local resolving yours is showing 0ms but mine is about 1 second every time. Just thought it was odd and i never get the DNS latency warnings in unifi until now. Guess i am just used to my Verizon fios connection and now I am on xfinity. :cry: