pfSense Hardware Advice Please

I’m looking for some advice on which hardware to go with.

I’m looking into buying/setting up two pfSense firewalls for two different networks. Network 1 will be on fiber and network 2 has a 300mbs download speed.

I’m debating between Netgate which I know helps fund pfSense or go with Protectli. With Protectli I can get more hardware specs for the money over Netgate.

Both networks I plan to run pfBlockerNG and filters. The network with fiber will hit the full bandwidth at times.


I’ve used the FW4B/C for 375mbps symmetric fiber service running Suricata, pfBlockerNG, and Tailscale without issues.

Depending your fiber bandwidth, you might want to look at the FW6 or newer VP series. Just be mindful of the power consumption if you are sensitive to electricity cost.

For some context I deployed the netgate 2100’s with a VPN tunnel back to a main office and it handles 500Mb no problem at all with about 30 users in a single office.

You can also see the speed specs for these devices here.

You could always buy the Protectli (or any other hardware) and sign up for Taclite support from Netgate as a means of supporting them if you so desire. In doing so you will be able to upgrade to pfSense plus on the non-netgate hardware.