pfSense domain setup

Hi all.

Since this is my first post here, just a quick introduction from my side. I’m located in Slovenia/Europe and I’m working as an IT helpdesk for last 10 years. I’ve been wanting to expand my networking knowledge for a while now, but never really had the time.
Recently a friend gave me a used Riverbed SteelHead EX 760 and I was able to flash it to the standard Dell R210 II BIOS, so I can now use it as a normal server and install whatever on it.
I also replaced the PCI-E LAN card that only had the bypass ports with a Intel 0H092P card.

I installed pfSense on it, and I’m trying out some things with the help of Tom’s YT videos, that are just super!

One thing that I came across and I can’t find an answer is how can I setup a pfSense domain using a TLD? I know it works with the domain, but I’d really like to use a TLD if possible.

I have a separate WAN connection that I can use with my pfSense box and I’d like to set up some kind of home lab where I can start learning more about pfSense.

Thank you.

For internal use you can set it to what ever domain you want.