pfSense changes needed for UNIFI Talk 10OCTOBER23

Just an FYI.

I used this site to modify pfSense to enable UNIFI Talk. On October 10th of 2023 Twilio’s IP addresses and ports will be changing as shown here.

Interesting, I found that site via Google earlier today doing research. UniFi talk in EA for the UK and trying to determine what IP addresses they’ll be using.

I’m not wanting to do an any port forward to my CK through my pfsense/Sophos XG fw.

One thing I have noticed or struggling to find is clear documentation from UniFi re requirements. TBH expected as much.

I’ve ordered a phone to have a play with for home and take it from there.

I do want to VLAN voip off, but I expect it’ll become more of a UniFi VLAN. Management, protect and talk. What I’d like is to be able to sub interface on the CK, but that won’t happen.